What's the reading program all about?

Payson City Library's Halloween Reading Program is an educational online reading program for all ages! This year’s theme is “Haunted Library.” The program runs from October 2, 2023 through October 31, 2023 and aims to help maintain and improve literacy skills while learning new things in a fun and exciting way.

Parents can also use this opportunity to teach computer and internet skills to their children in a fun, safe and responsible way.

It is strongly encouraged to let your children enter their own achievements and see the badges they are earning as it happens.

Make sure you only have one window or tab open with the Reading Program. Do not enter minutes or mark off challenges while multiple accounts are open in multiple windows or tabs. It will cause the prizes to trigger for the wrong account.

If you find you are having trouble getting the website to open in Firefox, try Chrome or another browser.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up online at http://read.paysonlibrary.org at any point during the reading program. The earlier you sign up, the more time you will have to read and earn more prizes!


We are offering five programs for our Reading Program, please choose the correct age group for each account.

If you have a birthday during the program, please use the age you will be turning to determine which program to signup for. You cannot change which age group you are in during the program.

How does it work?

Participants earn points as they read, and after a certain amount of points have been achieved, they level up. Get one point for every minute you read.


Little Ones and Kids Programs:

Tweens Program:

Teens & Adults Programs:

Ways to Complete the Reading Program

There’s something for everyone in our reading program—you can read to earn points, take on challenges, earn badges, find secret codes, attend events and get prizes.




What are digital badges?

Badges are in-game marks of achievement—there are many badges just waiting to be unlocked! You can earn badges by entering minutes into your reading log, completing challenges, or, by entering secret codes given out at library events and community experiences.

How do I change my Avatar?

When logged into your account, select “Click Here to Customize Your Avatar.” Customize your avatar by selecting hair, facial features, clothing, etc. When you are happy with your changes click “Save Avatar” and “Return to Dashboard.”

What are Family accounts?

Family accounts allow one person to manage multiple accounts using a single username and password.

To create a family account, the head of family (the individual that will manage the accounts) must:

To add a member that already has an account:

To add an individual username/password:

You can apply minutes read and secret codes to multiple family accounts at once. To add minutes read:

To add a secret code to multiple accounts:

My child already has an account. Can I add them to my family account?

To add a member that already has an account, click on “Add Existing Participant”. Enter the participant’s username and password and click “Add Participant” (if you do not know the participant’s username or password please see library staff or submit an in-game email for assistance).

How do I log my reading?

The reading log is located in the center of your dashboard. Enter the number of minutes you have read and click “Submit.” You can also track your reading by entering the minutes read plus the title and author of the book. View your list of titles by selecting “My Profile” and “Books”.

How do I get a secret code?

Secret codes are hidden at the library. Enter your secret code in the Secret Code box on your dashboard or apply a secret code to multiple family members from the “Family” page.

All secret codes are in lowercase with no spaces.

How do I earn prizes?

Tracking: Track your minutes read to earn points.

Secret Codes: Find secret codes to enter to earn points.

Badges: Badges are unlocked by logging your minutes, completing challenges and attending library events.

Challenges: Challenges are designed to make you think outside the box and experience something you wouldn't have otherwise experienced. Complete challenges by reading books, completing on or off-site actions or watching YouTube videos to earn badges and points.

I’ve reached Level 5. Now what?

Once you reach Level 5 there is still more to do. You can continue to complete challenges and enter secret codes.

What do you do with my info?

The library will never share your personal information—privacy and confidentiality is essential to the library and the Reading Program. We will only use your name and contact info to alert you about important reading program updates.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Once you are logged in, click the Mail icon at the top of the screen. Click “Send Mail” to ask your question. Or you can always stop by the library and ask us in person or give us a call.