Illustration of a forest.

Mister Rogers

Hello, neighbor! How are you? Today is such a beautiful day, don’t you think? Could you imagine all the wonderful things that could happen today?

Let’s see how our friends in the neighborhood of make-believe are. Trolley, can you please take us into the neighborhood of make-believe?

Ding, ding.

What is it,Trolley? Oh, you have a letter for me. Let’s open it and see what it says.

It’s a letter from Lady Aberlin. She says King Friday has decided he has been in the neighborhood of make-believe his whole life and he wanted to know what life is like in a real neighborhood. Everyone else agreed with him and they have all left to visit a real neighborhood.

Ding, ding.

Trolley, I’m worried too. Make-believe is essential for everyone. We all have our special place where we belong, and they belong in the neighborhood of make-believe. The link between the neighborhood of make-believe and the real neighborhood will start fading the longer they are away. It is going to take some real imagination to get them back through the tunnel.

Trolley, we need to find them so you can get them back and fast!

To save the neighborhood of make-believe, Mr. Rogers needs your help reading books. Reading transports you to another world, it helps your imagination grow. Imagining something is the first step in making something happen.

Read to collect imagination points that Trolley will use to get the make-believe puppets back to the neighborhood of make-believe. But first you must find all 12 puppets.

Where in our neighborhood do you think puppets would go to experience what a real neighborhood is like? Please find them before time runs out.