Challenge: 03 If I Only had a Brain - Little Ones

By completing this challenge, you will free a member of the Lollipop Guild from the evil clutches of The Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys.

When you complete 6 tasks, you will earn 1 point and a badge.

Lollipop Guild Member 03

Read a book about gardens or farms

Think of a topic you want to learn more about, then find a book at the library about that topic and read it.

Learn about scarecrows here, then design your own scarecrow (either draw a picture of your design or actually create it)

Choose a scarecrow coloring page to color

Read about the brain here, and then click the “Inside the Brain” icon to learn more. If you can’t read yet, learn where your brain is in your body and have a grownup point out some of the facts about brains.

Go through some of the brain teasers here. Try to guess as many as you can without looking at the answers. Decide which style of brain teaser is your favorite.

Read a nonfiction book about the brain or watch this read aloud here

Learn how to draw a scarecrow with one of these videos