Illustration of a forest.

You and your friend Jim Hawkins have found an old sea captain named Billy Bone’s sea chest hidden under his bed. Inside it you find a logbook and a map. Hearing footsteps outside, you leave with the papers before you are caught.

Jim realizes that what you have snatched from the sea chest must be valuable, because the footsteps you heard outside were that of pirates searching for someone, or something. Excited, you look at the map and recognize that it is a treasure map that Billy Bones has compiled to find multiple pirate captains’ treasures buried on distant islands.
You and Jim immediately start planning an expedition on your ship, the Hispaniola. Only how are you going to sail to different lands without the pirates following you?

Hoist your sail when the wind is fair and explore different locations on the map. Challenge yourself to learn about the pirates, sea animals, daring explorations and myths and legends of times past. Only then will you find the treasure you are seeking. You must make it quick and be very sneaky. After all, dead men tell no tales.